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Rocker Light Switches

Please choose from the rocker light switch selection below - categorised by colour and plate design. Please click on each category to view the full range of styles and insert types:

G&H rocker light switches have a 10amp rating and are suitable for controlling both mains and low voltage lighting.
All G&H light switches are 2 way. This means they can be used either on their own, or in combination with another light switch to create a 2 way circuit (2 switches working together to control the same light circuit). If 3 or more light switches are required on a circuit then the first two light switches can be 2 way, but any additional light switches must be intermediate.
Our rocker light switch range come with a variety of different inserts - white or black inserts or decorative inserts with white/black surround. Please view each range by clicking on the category links above.