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The Retrotouch Range is a unique range of touch and remote light switches and wall sockets, with modern stylish looks to compliment and enhance your home.

RetroTouch FAQ's 

1.   What size back box does the RTS range need?
  • Due to the electronics within the light switch, a 35mm depth box is recommended. The RTS2005 range require less depth, and at a push can be fitted into 25mm back boxes, but this is tight and will only leave about 5mm for the wires.
2.    Are the RetroTouch RTS ranges all remote control?
  • No, the RTS2020 and RTS2030 range are available as touch control only, please note a touch control only switch will never work with a remote control. The RTS2005 are a mechanical rocker range so are not remote control.
3.   Can the Touch light switches be controlled remotely through walls and ceilings? 
  • Yes, the touch light switches use RF (Radio Frequency) technology up to 20 meters.
4.  Can the RTS range be used 2 ways?
  • Yes - please see each individual range for full list of what is available.
5.  Will the remote control or light switch interfere with any appliances I have in my home?
  • The RTS 2020, 2030 & 2040 ranges uses Radio Frequency and will not interfere with WiFI, Bluetooth or infrared signals as they are on a different frequency.
6.  Will my next door neighbour be able to turn on or off my lights remotely if using the same system?
  • No, each individual remote is code locked to ensure that only the pre-programmed remote works with that particular switch.
7.  My small remote is not working?
  • The remote may not be syncronized with the touch light switch, please follow the instructions (included in box) to pair the two together again.
8.  Can more than one mini remote be programmed to one light switch?
  • Yes, you can buy additional mini remotes to be able to have one upstairs and one downstairs giving you the 2 way function remotely.
9.  Does the Scene Remote Control work with all light switches?
  • The Scene remote control only works with RTS 2020 and RTS 2040 range and can control up to 19 gangs and up to 6 scenes up to a distance of 50m.
10. What is the purpose of a master scene remote when I have a mini remote included?
  • If you have more than 2 or 3 light switches, the scene remote gives you the ability to turn all lights ON or OFF, or set scenes (ie. certain patterns of lights on or off) or individual lights on/off same as mini remote.
11. Will I need more than 1 remote to control more than 1 dimmer switch?
  • Each Dimmer RTS 2030 switch comes with its own remote, this can also be programmed to control an additional 3 dimmer switches using the select button. Simple to follow instructions are included.
12. Do I need to rewire my house to be able to use your light or sockets switches?
  • No, all our switches and sockets use exactly same wiring as you already have, saving you time and most importantly money. 
13. Will your plug sockets fit my standard wall boxes?
  • Yes both our single and double sockets are a standard size.
14. Not sure how to wire the Touch light switch?
  • All electrical wiring must be done by qualified electrician or similarly qualified person. Instructions enclosed within the box to fit the switch, Always employ a qualified person to avoid damage to the product and for your safety.
15.  How long will the Touch panel last for?
  • The Touch panel shall last for well over 100,000 touches (Approx 54 years turning on/off 5 times a day).
16. Does any of the RetroTouch range come with a warranty or guarantee?
  • All our products come with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase, if there is a fault please contact us.
17. My Touch light switch is not working but within warranty, what happens now?
  • We will always replace faulty switches if within warranty. Please see our terms and conditions.
18. Can I use an energy saving light bulb with your light switches?
  • Yes, the RTS 2020, 2010, 2005 and 2040 range of light switches are compatible with on/off energy saving bulbs and standard incandescent bulbs.
19. With arthritis I have difficulty turning on/off toggle light switches will I have the same problem?
  • With all our light switches they have a glass touch panel which requires little pressure to turn on or off your lights, with the added benefit of remote control so no need to get up.
20. Are the switches easy to locate at night, when pitch black?
  • Yes, all the touch light switches lightly glow at night, so no more fumbling for the light switch and uses minimal power consumption <0.02W. They do not intrude on your sleep as some neon's do, they are dim but bright enough to locate at night.
21. Can we use your switches in the bathroom?
  • Our switches are not IP44 rated for bathroom use. Although no IP rating required for Zone 3.
22. My existing switch has only a live wire, do the RetroTouch range require a neutral wire/connection?
  • The RetroTouch range do not require a neutral wire/connection (with the exception of the RTS2020 2 way and the RTS2010 2 way switches) - put the permanent live wire (usually blue) in the 'IN' inlet and the switched wire to the light (usually brown) in the 'OUT' outlet. Please note that all electrical wiring should be carried out by a competent electrician.
23. My switch flickers sometimes when switched off - why is this?
  • This can sometimes happen when the L and L1 (switched and switched live) are installed the wrong way round. The switch will still work, but there will still be power surging to the switch which can cause flickering when off. This is especially applicable when using a low energy bulb. Simply swapping the wires round should fix this problem.
24. Can I use multiple remote controls for the same switch?
  • Yes you can. Each RetroTouch remote control switch has the capability to remember the frequency of up to 4 different remote control handsets. So you could for example use the remote fob that comes with the switch, plus another secondary fob, plus 2 scene remote controllers.